CMP Initiative



Session: 2016-17




You are requested to note the following points:--


·         .Arrival time of school for students is 7.50am and departure time is 2.10pm.

·         Send your ward on time to school in neat and tidy school uniform dress.

·         Provide water bottle and tiffin with good food.

·         For Class I, School readiness programme will start on 3.4.16 and will continue upto 12.4.16 . School will be half day for them from 3.4.16 to 12.4.16.You pick up your ward at 11.00 inside school gate.

·         Send a notebook, pencil, eraser, colours only during this period of School Readiness programme as students will be engaged in activities i.e.drawing,painting,recitation,singing,dancing,storytelling, playing games, film shows etc.through these activities students will be made familiar with school environment and make them ready for formal teaching/learning process.

·         From 17.4.16 school will run for full day up to 2.10 pm. Send textbooks, notebooks according to the class timetable.

·         Split the text books i.e.English, Hindi, Maths into two equal parts and send the first part only. After completion of the first part, second part will be used. This is for reduction of weight of the school bag as per KVS rule.

·         Last working day of the month is always a half for the students. Pick up your ward at 11am.

·         Don’t send your ward to school during illness whatever mild it may be.

·         Ensure your ward developed a proper toilet habit.

·         Avoid absence of your ward from attending school unless it is a genuine case.

·         Continuous comprehensive evaluation is done month wise. Long absence of student causes inconvenience in the process.

·         Leave should be granted beforehand by CT/HM/PRINCIPAL according to the period of leave.

·         Keep contact with class teacher for any kind of information and performance regarding your ward.

·         Don’t criticize the teachers in presence of students for any reason. Come and contact with the concerned teacher/HM for any problem.

·         Send and check students diary regularly, Important information & massage are

Communicated by it.

Give the class teacher your correct contact number, when present number changes provide the new number at once.

Visiting hour of the school is 2.10 to 3.10

Lets put joint effort, we teachers and parents, to mould and build our kids into fine human beings and responsible citizen of India.


Agenda points :


1. Welcome address by the Principal

2. School timing

3. School uniform

4. Tiffin (good food) and water bottle

5. School Readiness Programme

6. Text books and notebooks

7. CCE

8. CCA

9. Leave of students

10. Visiting hour